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Monday Morning Vibes

April 8th, Lilli Lehmann

Listening to one of my favourite's albums again, I read the challenging book "Art and Time" and think about how I totally misjudged the time I would need to finish that book. To be fair, it is quite inspiring and I already developed some ideas from the context for my new project. So let's see what the last 100 pages hold for me. Until now I managed to distract myself from reading through running a Window's update, reading through job announcements on LinkedIn and to write... yeah... my blog. I mean I ignored this section for like months, but now I felt the urgent need to type something IMMEDIATELY instead of finally reading the god damned book. Who else knows this technique of avoiding your actual tasks ahead? (I am pretty sure, it is not just me.) So let's start this week without any more distractions and let's get any planned tasks done!  Iron and Wine will help.

Monday Morning Vibes

04. March, Lilli Lehmann

This is a great song, when you are marching through the melting snow and enjoying the slightly warmer air. After a long weekend (which felt more like two mondays in a row) the crazy weather stopped being crazy. I mean, we have March and it was freezing! For this week we get a rainy spring weather and personally some upcoming deadlines. So I go back to my work now. But today is already proof that constantly improving certain skills will pay off and when they do: it's a sweet victory! (Photoshop - I got you!)

Monday Morning Vibes

04. Februrary, Lilli Lehmann

Nearly everybody connects a certain feeling with the word "arrival". Sometimes arrival is connected with seeing family and friends again and another time it is about arriving back home to continue your work. Or it could also be linked to a completly new start after a move or a new job offer. The following song connects arriving with uncertainty and coming together. So let's start with a fresh week and this song - recommened by a good friend of mine. 

Monday Morning Vibes

January 28, Lilli Lehmann

This song got stuck in my head, since I re-watched some Animes. In my teens - like probably most people - I watched them regulary and it is incredible in what kind of variety they come. I like most that nearly every character has a background story and their own personal growth. These appear more thought-through than some big movies. So... who were the heroes in your teenage years? 

Monday Morning Vibes

21. January, Lilli Lehmann

This song proves that a great music video can be simple and great at the same time - as long as the lead singer has an amazing voice. This next week shall begin with the voice of Lady Gaga and her song: Million Reasons. Hopefully, everyone finds as many reasons to enjoy the new week. And if nothing nice is coming up, you always have the possibility to plan something out! Sometimes it's worth to leave your daily life "bubble" to discover new input, which will keeps you driving with a fresh mind and ideas.

Monday Morning Vibes.

January 14, Lilli Lehmann

This week should start with a really engaging and motivating song - literally containing all the energy we - or at least - I collected durig this weekend. My head is still buzzing from the great tunes from the film "The Greatest Showman" and I want to transport a bit of this daydreaming, fantasical, sparkling world into my daily life! So get ready for "Come Alive"!

Monday Morning Vibes

07 January, Lilli Lehmann

The long winter holiday break is over and finally there will be Monday Morning Vibes again! I do not know about you, but it was good to have some days off and to relax, while reflecting about 2017 and considering what is worth improving for the new year. Actually, I came to a lot of conclusions, but in theory, everything is easy, while putting something into practice, is hard. Therefore - even if you do not have any good resolutions - we will need motivation and energy to make the most of all the upcoming opportunities in 2018. It does not matter if you have big plans or small; the energy for both are coming from the same source: you. So "feed" your spirit with some postivity, starting tomorrow morning when your alarm will turn on with this song:

Monday Morning Vibes

December 03, Lilli Lehmann

It is the first advent and I cannot believe, how fast this entire year passed by. I do already apologize for my moaning and I am sure I will write this sentence for four more Sundays. (What does not make it less true!) Advent is an interesting time and we are supposed to calm down and relax. Anyway, I might would relax, if not Christmas is coming up and I still need to organize presents, bake biscuits and hit all of my upcoming deadlines. I assume, everyone feels a little bit hectic around those days, so I will choose one of my top track lists, to guide you into a lovely new week.

Monday Morning Vibes

November 26, Lilli Lehmann

So... this really long and productive weekend is about to finish and I have to come up with another song recommendation. Let's see! What about a really strong and inspirational song - created by a powerful woman? A song and a music video which is touching and uplifting at the same time? You know what song I am talking about? Well, then set your alarm to this highlight of my week! And do not get me started on how amazing the dancers portrait their emotions in Pink's "What About Us" 

Monday Morning Vibes

November 19, Lilli Lehmann

There is only one perfect song to end this week: Sunset Boulevard! So sit back and enjoy. I am well aware that the musical's ending is not pleasant, but this does not mean that dreams will never work out. Joe's dream could have become true, if he had been more forceful. Norma only needed to accept her aging and her husband should have opened her eyes, instead of making her believe, that she is still a star. So this song is dedicated to our dreams - even if they are as foolish as we are.

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