“Reserved for Saint Katherine”

Joan created an intriguing energy through the mixture of light, sound effects and - of course - the acting. Being staged in a small circle of chairs the audience was closer to the loss, successes and the entire emotional range Joan went through. To link the story of the French matyrer to the modern question of identification is brave, but successful.

Joan's struggle compared to nowadays, makes us realize how less changed. Joan (changing from a peasant girl to an energizing warhero and fighter for Saint Katherine) becomes her truest self. After King Charles’ Alliance Falls apart and her ideological beliefs are challenged, Joan faces a critical dilemma: live as a girl again or die the way (s) he has become.

By deciding on survival (s)he realizes that there is no changing back into that restrictiv life (s)he fled from. Even the entertaining and playfulness can't belie the more silent and critical notes below the surface. Joan's last powerful and desperate shouts for Katherine let us hope - hope for a life which is not restricted by the believes of others.

Designer: Emma Bailey, Sound Designer: David Lewington, Lighting Designer: Joshua Pharo

Picture "Halo Small" by Field McGlynn

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