The immersive experience featured well organized performers, while the visitors undoubtedly will wonder, what exactly is happening.

The actors managed to create a presence and developed some “eggy” jokes and tried to interact and involve the audience as much as possible. Every visitor is different too, so they had to adjust their action to get a suitable reaction.

The scenery showed loads of details and made it possible to let every inch be discovered by the audience. The design made everything well worth it, even if it took me until the end, to figure out the story. To wonder around – in wonderland – definitive happened to be reality for everyone, visiting the experience for the first time.

The experience used canals and the Vaults in London to create the experience, which is nothing for claustrophobic people. The tunnels are narrow and low. This matched the story and the feeling of falling in a rabbit hole. I lost track of time while following one of the roads down to Wonderland.

The entrance was designed with loads of corners and drawings of a wood to create exactly this experience. The space of the performance featured different rooms connected through tunnels. Especially the room of the sad sorrow turtle was impressive, because it was filled with water and it rained through water pipes. Even if you know that you are underneath the earth, this space made you feel like being outside in the moors.

Carefully planned sound effects and lighting was used to create and enhance the experience. Every room had their own sound environment, to emphasize that you have not changed the room, but an entire area.

Puppet Designer: Max Humphries, Design: Samuel Wyer

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