The exhibition of the Museum is not only a transfer of knowledge, it is also an invitation to interact and this is what I liked most. The general task of a museum is nowadays combined with “playful” exercises and entertaining elements to make learning a joy.

First, the idea of using a TV show about Birmingham in the middle age appeared silly to me. After a second thought, I changed my mind, when I considered that school classes and younger kids are visitors as well. For generations growing up with multimedia the transfer of information in this light hearted way made sense. They would not enjoy an exhibition where you only read texts.

The elements of multimedia enable the visitor to touch and listen to music or text, to bring the past back to life and to let an understanding for this time grow. Objects were allowed to be touched and felt, so that we could compare it to our daily lifestyle, which varies loads from the middle age.

To be allowed to touch objects, is kind of a contradiction of the general idea of a museum, where exhibited objects are meant to never being used or touched again.

For me the museum definitive went with the time and created a fascinating exhibition with combining modern technology.

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