The world of Living was an overwhelming and surprisingly really interesting exhibition, featuring modern housing design and the development of housing in a so called “time laps”.

The most interactive part of the exhibition was the “time laps” – a designed foot walk, where visitors were able to explore the space for themselves. It created the indication of a time travel, through specific light and sound effects and through the change of the space. The surrounding was designed as naturalistic as possible and especially the light and sound effects helped to recreate the old and ancient times or to pretend a walk through a rainforest.

The audience was directed through the space by very well made 3D figures in 1:1 human seize, which could move arms and mouth and a text was played to indicate, the liveness of the figure. The effects where triggered through a motion detector. Most impressive where the many details and the huge number of props which were used to give the idea of the right atmosphere.

The design for the time-laps and the exhibition worked in that sense, that I was keen on learning more about the history and architecture. I think, when the visitors are intrigued and entertained, the exhibition worked.

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