The exhibition “Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects” at Centrala critised the public behaviour towards Muslims. This group is unrightfully put under general suspicions and now has to face racism and discrimination. The artists raised awareness through a carefully organized exhibition, which move the visitors deeply. Through objects the artists told stories about unfair treatment and made clear that stereotypes are nothing more than that – flat pictures of an entire group where every individual is so unique that no one is alike each other.

Nowadays we should assume that we became more understanding by living door to door with other cultures and learned to appreciate the differences - it is shocking to see, that this understanding did not reach everyone.

Maybe we should sometimes be more sensitive about what is happening around us and take more care about other people. In the exhibition downstairs, dealt the artist Karina Marusinska with “what the eye does not know.” To showcase her idea she created a glass window as her symbol, because it is the glass of a bus or a window of a flat where we see other lives happening, without getting attached.

Hopefully this first friday raised the public awareness and stimulates a further debate and reflections on this subject. This Friday the exhibition/ performance“ Real Fabrications” quoted Ryan Gander “Art is decision making for both the artists and the audience”.

The artists made their decision to make us aware, what decision will we make in future?