This School of Acting performance of this musical surprised me in more than just one way. First of all, I did never expect to see such a great performance. It was amusing, entertaining and it had the aimed effect. The musical tells the story of the US president Andrew Jackson and his uprising. The critic is combined with funny elements, which attracts the audience and makes the serious story “digestible” on a night out. The comical sound effects and the band gave the entire performance their own note and when Andrew Jackson climbs through the audience, the 4th wall is gone for good.

Second, this performance is coming at the right time of the year. Especially when Jackson’s voters explained their insightful reasons, it was too easy to link it back to the actual happenings in America right now. This row is portraying history with edge.

The audience is constantly switching between laughing and thinking, if it is appropriate to laugh.

While I really liked the set, I am not so sure about the costumes. On the one hand, it matched the hilarious style of the musical. On the other hand, I would have liked the Indian chief barefoot, instead of in red converse. While I am still debating, if I would have liked correct time periodical clothing, I am booking my next ticket for a Student Show.

Picture from the Birmingham City University School of Acting Website

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