I am in general really sceptical towards performances without speech, but I was surprisingly astonished and all my prejudices were wiped away after I saw Acosta Danza at the Hippodrome. The combination of talented dancers and a thoughtful choreography, created an impressive experience for the audience. Jacques Lecoque stated once for the sake of Physical Theatre that the language of the human body counts more on stage then the facial expression. Each dancer yesterday night proved this thesis. The five dances created an emotionally deep understanding in the audiences’ mind, so that there were no more words left to even think about. The dancers and their talent were undeniable in the foreground. This was emphasized through a fantastic lighting design, a few helpful props and practical costumes. The design of the red dress for the “Mermaid” was inspired by Asian traditional clothes and this matched the Korean song, but as a colour choice for a Mermaid I would have preferred, something more “mystical”. A dark purple or an emerald green could have emphasized her foreignness even better.

The dance company appeared like one organism and this came into effect in “twelve”, were they created their own beat through the sound of crashing plastic.

Costume Designer “The Mermaid”: Hussein Chalayan, Lighting Designer “The Mermaid”: Fabiani Picciolo

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