“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” was a small production at the Crescent Theatre. For such a small production, it was well made and I imagine it was difficult to source various costumes for such a large body of performers with the existing budget. Having this in mind, it is forgivable that the back wall was a bit wobbly and could have been backed up with another layer. This is only a nitty gritty bit in a well-considered performance. The production managed to bring the audience to the important places in Narnia like the house of Mr Tumnus and the Beavers. I thought, it was quite a smart idea to integrate those places behind hidden doors in the stone wall. I really liked the costumes of the wolves, even if I think that they would not need to carry weapons, Their appearance with the long leather jackets was impressive enough. Our four main character’s costumes emphasizes their traits, as well. I still think it was the cold-hearted ice queen, who delivered the most impressive performance. Her acting, backed up with the right music and the lighting, send a cold shiver down the spine of the audience. This production also showed, that you do not need much props or a large set, if you have a great lighting and soundscape to support the play. It also should be said, that the first part of the Narnia chronicles is a perfect match for the Christmas time. Well done!

Set Designer: Ruth Collins, Costume Designer: Jennet Marshal, Lighting Designer: Kenny Holmes

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