Visiting optician and glasses- maker Jörn Dackow in his workshop was quite an experience. Not only, because I absolutely adore the atmosphere of his office, also because his work is really fascinating. A person like me, wearing glasses the most time of life, never really encountered how they are actually made. So this visit helped me understand the production line and how many possibilities they are. It is interesting, that what we normally get in store, only covers a small amount of shapes and colours. It is possible to make way more extravagant models. And obviously, I could not hold myself back and had to grab pencil and paper to get down some brief own glasses designs. It should be said, that it is quite difficult to draw the left and the right side in exactly the same size. So luckily, there is software for it nowadays and my doodles just remain helpful for visualizing, before the finished version will occur. If you are interested in his work, defin

Jörn Dackow in his amazing workshop

itive check out his website: www.manufakturbrille.de

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