The overall design of this exhibition, telling the story of the development of opera, was not convincing. The black glittery walls shaped a narrow path, in which all the visitors were standing in each other’s ways and blocking the view onto the objects, being displayed in lightened-up glass boxes. The only highlight was the music being played over headphones and it started automatic as you wandered along the exhibition. The design of the headphones could have been smarter, especially for people with glasses, it became quite uncomfortable in the end through the heaviness of the headphones.

In general, I also thought the visitor would gain an in-depth knowledge about opera, but it just explained the development and the few key composers and patrons. Everyone who already has a basic knowledge about opera and has been to other exhibitions about a similar topic, does not need to see this exhibition.

Overall, I was deeply disappointed and it did not justify the hassle I had buying a ticket. If you put on an offer, please make it possible for people to buy this cheaper ticket at the information station, as well. It is not fair, especially towards an older audience, who does not use smartphones, to make this offer accessible only via your mobile device. And please: mark the objects you do not want to be photographed in an obvious matter. No one, unintentionally or not, sees these tiny symbols stuck onto a corner.

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