The entire experience I had looking at the exhibitions at the V&A did not convince me at all. I found it rather difficult to find my way through all those things. I am sure, the flow of visitors could be organized differently to make it an unforgettable experience. The museum offers a lot of diverse information on several topics, but if you are not lead through it properly, you lose the interest in discovering anything.

Theatre and Performance Exhibition

My favourite were the various models of different designers and the masks, being showcased. The overall layout of this exhibition was similar to the others and therefore, not really engaging. At least it offered some drawing areas for children and Es Devlin’s magic box. Really great costumes do not help, when they are only stuck onto figures in a glass box. I am pretty sure behind each costumes is a great story, so why do not tell it? There are so many important moments in the history of theatre and performance, that it should be easy, to create a fascinating exhibition, which intrigues the visitors.

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