Following the outsider Oscar, the heavily dramatic play takes the audience to various locations of his dreary life. The current location is explained through the use of obvious, self-explanatory props. After all, especially the well-balanced soundscape helps following the storyline and the fast changing locations. Only the light could have been more spot-on.

Oscar, who is bullied at school, because of his weight and has a drinking mother and a not caring, divorced father, is living his plain life in misery. Cold blooded murder occur in the woods nearby, while the police is caring about their own hierarchical quarrels.The only good thing what seems to be happening to him, is meeting the girl from next door. Eli, is also the girl he falls in love with. But her acting already foreshadows that something is weird about her and a lot of things are going to happen... In the end, we let Eli and her freshly replaced servant continue their journey, while thinking, that the poor boy could have been saved from the path, he felt forced to choose, if only more people had cared for him.

Stage Adaption. Jack Thorne

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