“The Winslow Boy” - a drama, full ofwitt and courage was presented at the Rep tonight.

Being set in the green blue living room, with damp light shining through the window to emphasize the coldness of the English landscape, where the more and more oppressed family, set their centre to fight for justice. Having the strict father striping the advantages from the older siblings to be able to continue standing up against a powerful opponent, is only one if the intense measures he will need to undertake until he is able to restore his family's’ name. Even if some bits are bit outdated, the central core remains up to date.

Little issues can grow into something big, when pride is hurt and stubbornness can lead into blindness. The father and sister definitive were blind towards the risk they would face, but their courage lead to victory. Obviously, Rattigan’s play does not come without side blows against several institutions, which makes this play so witty.

The historical costumes dress the extraordinary characters quite well and already hint at their traits and position within the family. Visually, the stable house turns transparent when the consequences become undeniable.

The magnificent cast manages to create a breathtaking drama, which unfolds right in front of the audience eyes.

Set and Costume Designer: Michael Taylor, Lighting Designer: Tim Lutkin, Sound Designer: Fergus O'Hare

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