Rhinoceros trample through the Old Rep at the moment so keep your cats close! The School of Acting stages Ionesco's absurd play in their own eccentric way. Even if some unplanned situations occurred, the actors managed to transport the audience to their little town in France. Being a translated play adds to Ionesco's ironic style when Bérenger desperately asks the silent audience: “Is this French?”

Design wise: the play could have been on a higher standard then it was. The projection in the background seemed forced and using any kind of masks when talking specifically about rhinoceros, did not work for me. Obviously this was due to the tight budget, but having at least the same masks for everyone, would have been much appreciated. The costumes served their purpose, but were not tied together and did not give any clue which character is connected with each other. Being an absurd play without any logic, worked in their favor here and the mismatched costumes did not disturb too much.

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