Looking back at the past months, I can say that the module helped be getting a better overview over the industry. Constantly writing reviews improved my style and my paragraphs became more consent over the time.

I can definitively say that theatre remains my main interest. I did start enjoying exhibitions, while films still do not grab my attention as much as life performances. The actor-audience relationship became more and more precious and in every piece were the bridge between the stage and us was built, I left the theatre highly inspired.

Since the puppet-module, my faible for puppetry grew. Watching the “101 Dalmatians” made me realize, that puppets do not need all body parts to work (the dogs had no back legs). It is about the facial features and their movement to bring them alive. A similar situation occurred at “Translunar Paradise”. Whereby I always thought I only prefer text-based productions. “Translunar Paradise” and “Acosta Danza” proved to me how brilliant a dance performance can be, because they reach you on an unconscious level. Also I can draw the conclusion, that even shows on a tight budget can be well made and work for the audience, while sometimes throwing too much money at a production, can make you get lost in the detailed set dressing. A recently viewed article (The Stage, February 15th) made me aware, that a review can differ immensely from another, because it is highly personal.

Also learning about scenography and writing my case study about Pamela Howard, developed my own future career plan and inspired me a lot. This is why I attended the rehearsals at the School of Acting. To be part of a development process is not only highly inspiring, it can also lead to a more profound design.

Having this said I would like you to focus your attention on these 3 reviews: Drawing Session at the School of Acting, Acosta Danza and V&A.

They highlight what I have discovered and experienced as part of this module in the last months.

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