Theatrical lighting, hurrah! This is the first thing, what came to my mind after I passed the entrance hall and got my entrance ticket. The dimmed light created a quite cozy atmosphere and helped blinding out the other visitors. So the enhanced focus could lay on the exhibits itself, which were (in the African area) taxidermied animals set in front of a beautifully painted backdrop awaking the African landscape to life. Next to me I heard the hummed melody of „the circle of life“ once or twice - coming out of the darkness.

The giant stuffed elephants are in the center of the African animals exhibition and evoke the memory of the famous exhibition about evolution in Paris in 1867, where the illusion of movement was integrated into an exhibition for the first time.

Aside the atmospheric lighting, the National History Museum is a traditional one and you will find objects stuffed away in glass boxes with templates, explaining what it is. Therefore, the museum does not spark too much inspiration and is more or less a place to meticulously study the templates and hope that at least a bit of information will stuck to your brain afterwards.