When I entered the Museum of Fine Arts, I just wanted to see the contemporary art exhibition. I belong to one of those people, who think that all the art before is literally the same in each museum. Now I am glad, that one of the ladies at the entrance convinced me to start in the Egyptian area. The museum features really interesting content and even if you are a museum and art lover like me and you start getting cocky and think you know everything, what’s there to know about the ancient cultures - you don‘t. The exhibition widened my horizon immensely and I loved learning so many new things. So,yes, it is a great museum, BUT: it stays behind its possibilities regarding the composition of the elements. Even if I took it on me to find the templates, which are telling the main story and are hidden behind reflecting glass, it is not enjoyable. It would be even better, if the templates telling the main story would function as narrators which clearly lead the visitor alongside the exhibits. Some projections and screens started to become part of the museum, but I feel the digital additions could be melt into to main exhibition, instead of being shyly scattered through the building. Especially in the Egypt area, it would be great to have a projection which visually shows the changes of rulers, instead of having just static information. This would make the exhibition even more engaging and visually stimulating.

Compared to some other art museums I have been to recently, this one is using atmospheric lighting to bring the exhibits to life and it really works to engage the visitors and to spark inspiration.

The most impressive part was the exhibition from Candice Breitz, whose „Love Story“ features Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore who are lending their voices to tell stories from refugees and their emotional journeys to their new countries. It is a touching piece of art and poses the question, why many of us did not do more for the refugees.