The snowy weather made me adapt my daily plan and instead of spending all day outside, I decided to explore the local Aquarium. Due to it being a last minute plan, I had no expectations at all and was surprised to find such an educational place. The aquarium does a great deal to raise awareness regarding the health of our oceans. Each template gives information about how each of us can make a difference on a daily basis. Being visited by many children, this is definitive the right measure to make a change in our unthoughtful behaviour regarding the environment. It can be as easy as switching of the light, using less electricity and gas. Aside this the aquarium is also involved in research and various sealife-saving programs. For example, I did not even know that an app exists, which shows you how extinct the fish is, you just wanted to buy for dinner. I will stop rhapsodising now and actually talk about the design. (Which is pretty amazing, as well.)Having the pool with the penguins in the centre, the cement rondel, which is taking you to the upper levels, offers an Birdseye view over the birds. The rondel is mainly wrapped around an aquarium showcasing a giant turtle, sharks and all kinds of fish. What made the aquarium truly immersive and a place of discovery, were the oversized models of sponges and corals, where you were able to press a button and than this part would light up. This has not only an educational factor, the oversized coral reefs on the side of each aquarium, also create the impression of the visitors being underwater. The dimmed light helped creating a focus on the animals. Through screens, audio material and little games made information about the echo system of dolphins and whales accessible. Overall, I am deeply impressed by the thoughtfulness behind this exhibition and how carefully it seems to be designed. I tried to find out who designed it, but the information center could not find it out either.

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